Remote Sensor Viewing Platform (RSVP) for AquaMon®


AquaMon Introduction:

AquaMon is a tool for modern farming. It automatically collects data from local and remote sensors and uploads the sensor data to the web server.  Once the data is resident on the web server, RSVP (Remote Sensor Viewing Platform) displays it in the format chosen by the grower.  The system also works in reverse; the grower’s web server inputs controlling field operations.

AquaMon offers the grower the flexibility to monitor parameters important to his crop and remotely control operations critical to his farm.  Available sensors allow monitoring soil conditions, climate, and equipment status.  The AquaMon RSVP web server issues alarms when sensors reach a preset limit or can avert harm by activating preset controls within the sensor network.

AquaMon RSVP

The Remote Sensor Viewing Platform is hosted on a secure web server.  It provides access to sensor data at any time from any browser equipped laptop, tablet or smart phone.  RSVP is fully customizable for any sensor type, control or alarm conditions

RSVP Advantages

·         True cloud computing application Accessible with any browser equipped device

·         Hosted on secure web server; Available 24/7

·         Display customized with simple style page

·         Gower selects graphical or tabular data display

·         Grower defines sensors and control lines including soil moisture sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and pump controls

·         Grower defined critical limits and alarm conditions

Custom Display

The RSVP display can be customized by the user through a series of simple configuration screens.  Separate screens are provided to configure the node, the sensors connected to the node, as well as scale and alarm set up.  RSVP configuration can only be modified after the correct user Name and Password are entered. 

Node Setup Screen

node setup

The Node Setup screen allows the user to define each node in terms of both the network and the attached sensors. It also allows programming of an email address to which alarms can be sent.

Probe/Sensor Setup Screen

probe setup

The Probe Setup screen allows the user to define each additional sensor probes for use in the network.  Each probe used in the Node Setup screen must first be defined Probe Setup screen.

Scale & Alarm Setup


The Scale and Alarm Setup screen defines the display of each sensor.  The user selects the node and channel on the left side of the screen and then selects the scale and units of the display, sets any desired alarm limits and even sets chart colors.

Irrigation Scheduler 


The RSVP software can also be used to schedule future irrigations. RSVP allows the authorized system manager to enter the date and time to activate pumps and valves to initiate irrigation.

AquaMon Advantages:

·         24/7 access from any Internet enabled smart phone, tablet, or laptop

·         Grower controls access to his data

·         Grower selects the format of the data display

·         Grower controls remote functions, alarm conditions and event notifications

·         Grower retains ownership of the data at all times

·         Accepts multiple sensor types including 2.5 volt analog, SDI-12, and 4-20 milliamp current loop

·         Improve yields with precision irrigation, reduce power costs with smart pump control, and prevent crop damage with automated alarms.

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