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November 18, 2002
Embedded Wireless Communications System with Modem Connectivity

Boston, Massachusetts ? November 18, 2002

Xecom Inc. (Milpitas, California) introduced here today at the Embedded Systems Conference East its embedded wireless communications system with modem connectivity. The radio frequency-based system consists of the XE 900 Smart Transceiver (ST) and the XE 924 Base Access Point (BAP). Together these network elements provide a convenient and cost effective complete network solution to linking up to eight remote microcontroller-based systems to a central data collection unit which in turn is connected to a telephone land line via a modem. The system operates in the ISM band (902-928 MHz) to link systems for distances of up to 150 feet indoors. Connectivity to a telephone land line is created by the integral Xecom proprietary modem technology. Applications of this system include industrial and process control, game/video arcades, laundromats, vending machines, office equipment, utility meters, access security systems and other cashless transaction and remote monitoring control and data acquisition applications. The XE 900 Smart Transceiver consists of a wireless transmitter/receiver and a microcontroller which has been enriched with user customizable flash memory and Xecom proprietary software. Built-in intelligence resident in the integrated controller accepts commands from the application host to control the wireless connection. Xecom?s proprietary software packetizes data, provides error correction, and insures collision avoidance. As a result, data integrity is enhanced and signal reach is increased. This inherent high level of integration in conjunction with its serial port connection capability, greatly simplifies the design process and facilitates system integration time, saving development cost and shortening the time-to-market. Its small size of 2.75" x 1.38" x 0.55" minimizes board space and permits maximum design flexibility. It operates from a 5-volt power supply. The cost in OEM quantities is $39 and sample units are deliverable from stock.

The Xecom XE 924 Base Access Point integrates a microcontroller, wireless transmitter/receiver and Xecom's world's smallest XE 2420 surface-mountable complete modem into a single small 2.75? x 1.38? x 0.55? package. Used in conjunction with up to eight XE 900 Smart Transceivers, it creates a low-cost data acquisition connectivity portal to the outside world via a conventional land line. FCC part 15 compliance reduces development time and testing for government certification. The integral modem comes with FCC Registration thus saving development time and cost by eliminating the need for further testing to FCC Part 68 Rules. Price in OEM quantities is $59.00 and sample units are available from stock. Mr. Charles Bellavia, CEO of Xecom, said, "Our customers are looking for a low-cost and easy-to-implement solution to connect their applications. Xecom is the first to integrate both a wireless and telephone network solution for embedded applications. Our newly-introduced XE 900/924 system leverages our tried-and-true miniature complete modem technology with mature and readily available ISM band wireless technology. We can thus offer our customers a truly low-cost solution and provide them with convenient data connectivity to help them manage their investment. We expect to support a great variety of applications that will exploit these features."

Target Applications A broad range of applications exist in both the industrial and consumer/commercial sectors. Industrial applications for general purpose data acquisition, control, and monitoring include process and industrial control, tank monitoring and access security. Commercial/consumer applications for cashless transactions, maintenance status, and inventory management include vending machines, laundromats, gaming arcades, office equipment, and utility metering.

Development Kit Available Xecom provides designers with a convenient and inexpensive means to evaluate the flexibility and power of its offering through its development kit. The kit is comprised of: one development board containing a XE 900 Smart Transceiver, one development board containing a XE 924 Base Access Point, a data sheet, and a user?s guide. The development kit price is $295 and is available from stock.

For More Information A detailed data sheet is available upon request: Xecom, Inc. 374 Turquoise St. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 945-6640 (tel) (408) 942-1346 (fax) info@xecom.com www.xecom.com * * * Founded in 1983 Xecom, a privately held company, is a leading supplier of miniature telecommunications components, systems, and custom boards to Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs). The company designs and manufactures these products using state of the art integrated circuit, hybrid, and printed circuit technology. Xecom provides easy-to-use, highly integrated solutions for fast, error- free transmission of voice, fax, and data over public telecommunication networks. Standard and custom designs serve portable, remote, and embedded applications in industrial, medical, information technology, and communication markets. Transferable certifications on many products ease the approval burden and shorten time to market for Xecom customers.

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