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XE900SL10-N Targets Wireless Sensor Networks
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November 15, 2007
XE900SL10-N Targets Wireless Sensor Networks:
XE900SL10-N Adds Features to Serve Process Control and Remote Monitoring Systems.

Xecom, Inc., the embedded communications specialist, today announced a new version of the XE900SL10, 900 MHz Frequency Hopping radio. The XE900SL10-N targets remote sensor networks by increasing the number of available network nodes, increasing data throughput, and providing additional communications options.


XE900SL10-NThe first generation XE900SL10 focused on link reliability and data integrity. The XE900SL10-N simplifies communications for larger sensor networks. The maximum number of nodes supported in a single network increases from 256 to more than 65,000. As before, 256 unique frequency hopping algorithms permit multiple unique networks to coexist, but those networks can now be larger. Link overhead is reduced to increase real data transfer rates up to 3 times.  A new broadcast data mode allows a message to be transmitted simultaneously to all other network nodes.  


The XE900SL10-N continues many of the special features Xecom introduced in the original XE900SL10.  These features include SensorOnAir, patent pending, to read remote sensors, multiple power saving modes to prolong battery life, and integrated analog and digital I/O lines for direct connection of sensors. 


“Customers told us that a more flexible wireless product was needed to serve wireless sensor monitoring applications,” explained Steve Clary Xecom Marketing Vice President.  “We increased the number of available node addresses, reduced the overhead to increase data throughput and added a broadcast data function, to provide a much more versatile platform for wireless sensor networking.”     Note: Please contact Xecom for a High Resolution Photo.


The XE900SL10-N is aimed at monitoring and process control applications which utilize remotely placed sensors.


Price and Delivery
The XE900SL10-N is priced under $30 in 1000 piece quantities


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Xecom has supplied embedded communications solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), since 1983. The company combines hardware and software design capabilities to create communications products to serve portable, remote, and embedded applications in industrial, medical, security, information technology, and communications markets. We provide value to our customers by offering high quality products, with a low total cost of ownership, which can be easily integrated into embedded applications.  Xecom manufactures these products in our surface mount manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Milpitas, California.


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