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April 30, 2008
Cermetek Announces a new Embedded modem family:
World’s Smallest Modems Feature LSI Modem Technology .


Cermetek Microelectronics today announced its newest embedded modems, the XE2400G and XE5617G.  These modems integrate LSI modem technology into the world’s smallest complete modem module.  Cermetek has targeted these new modems towards remote monitoring applications where small size is critical. These include home medical monitoring, security and instrumentation. 


XE2400G and XE5617GThe XE2400G and XE5617G utilize the unique Cermetek Hybrid PLCC (HyPLCC) package.  The HyPLCC package delivers a complete modem in a 68-pin PLCC outline, less than one inch square.  When the modem serves as a system option, the XE5617G and XE2400G can be installed in a 68-pin PLCC socket, otherwise the modules can be soldered directly to the PCB using standard surface mount solder processes.


Each XE5617G and XE2400G modem includes transferable FCC Part 68 registration eliminating the need for further Part 68 testing.  LSI modem technology also permits adjustments for compliance to country standards around the world with a single AT command.


The LSI, CV92 modem chip serves as the foundation for the XE5617G.  The CV92 supports V.92, 56,000 bits per second data transfer and with fallback all the way to 300 bits per second. CV92 also provides V.17 send and receive fax capability.  The XE2400G utilizes the LSI CV22, 2400 bit per second modem chip for applications transferring small amounts of data.


“The LSI modem chips allowed Cermetek to create miniature modem modules that are priced competitively with our competitor’s larger modules,” said Cermetek Marketing Vice President Steve Clary.  “The benefit for the customer is less board space dedicated to the modem function and more flexibility in placement of that function within the system.


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Cermetek Microelectronics designs, manufactures and markets fully self-contained and FCC Part 68 approved miniature modem modules, Internet Modem Appliances and data access arrangements for use in Internet appliance, embedded industrial, telecom, security/alarm, remote diagnostics, and energy monitor and conservation applications. Cermetek acquired long time embedded communication provider Xecom, Incorporated in December 2007.    


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